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VIDEO: turn me out

Dope dance video choreographed by Holly Blakely.   Advertisements

VIDEO: [compression]

Below are some excerpts from [compression] – a work that I created for THAW, a collaborative First Friday event at SPACE Gallery in January, 2013. The dancers (and collaborators) are Mariah Bergeron, Meaghan LaSala, and Brian Simpson. They dedicated lots of their brain power, creative energy, and humor to this project – for which I […]

CHOREOGRAPHY (performance): lesley dill

Yesterday evening The Kate Cheney Chappell ’83 Center for the Book presented New York-based artist Lesley Dill.  Dill spoke philosophically and with humor about how language informs/shapes her work and our lives.  It was so good.  I fell in l-o-v-e with Dill’s sculptures and prints when the Portland Museum of Art exhibited her work in 1999. […]

VIDEO: flex is kings

This film looks epic. Flex is Kings is a documentary that explores flexing – an urban dance movement in Brooklyn – and the issues of poverty and violence surrounding this community of artists. The film will be premiering at the TriBeca Film Festival in April. The film’s directors, Deidre Schoo and Michael Beach Nichols, started […]

VIDEO: anne marsen

Last March SPACE Gallery presented the epic music video/dance film girl walk//all day – which if you haven’t seen, stop what you’re doing and watch it RIGHT NOW. Okay – now that you’ve watched it (or rewatched), check out the glorious Anne Marsen in this Bollywood inspired number.  I think I’m in love.   P.S. […]

VIDEO: random acts

I sort of wish he’d put a shirt on, but ultimately – it’s a pretty dope video. Directed by  Spike Morris & Oscar Hudson, featuring London and Tokyo-based dancer Shun Sugimoto.

VIDEO: atoms for peace/random dance

British choreographer Wayne McGregor choreographed the music video to Ingenue by Atoms for Peace, featuring Thom Yorke and Wayne McGregor | Random Dance dancer Fukiko Takase. Yeah, that’s right this video has Thom Yorke getting modern dance-y all over the place.


This Saturday and Sunday at 2pm – PINA: a film for pina bausch by wim wenders will be screened at the Portland Museum of Art. Tickets are $7 and this movie is phenomenal, so DO NOT MISS IT.

VIDEO: boys + sports

I love this video for two reasons: 1. The way that “sport” so seamlessly elides into dance 2. THE BOYS Thanks to the illustrious Annie for sharing.

DANCE JAM: angel hazzzzze

The Missy Elliot beat  is undeniably danceable. Angel Haze complicates this beat – and thus you must step up your moves. Exhibit A: All I have to say is, TWERK IT GIRLS.