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DANCE NIGHT: better than zumba

EGAD! WHAT A WEEK! 1. a canary torsi‘s project THE PEOPLE TO COME at SPACE Gallery last Saturday was out-of-control incredible/most engaging performance I’ve seen in a long while. Check out pictures at SPACE’s Flickr and the interactive website to explore all the responses submitted during the performance and First Friday. SERIOUSLY THIS PROJECT IS SO GREAT […]

PERFORMANCE: f.a.b. concert

Not that you should be anywhere but Slainte on Saturday night – but if you happened to be stuck in Lewiston, check out the F.A.B. dance concert. F.A.B. (Franco-American/Bates) is an ongoing effort to bring the Maine community together through the arts. Regional choreographers from across Maine and New England submit work to be included […]

HISTORY: the belfast ballroom manual

This little gem was published in 1863 in Belfast, Maine, and cost 10 cents at the time of publication. It contains basic instructions for about 60 dances. The manual states,  We have endeavored to make the following figures so clear, that any person who has the least knowledge of dancing, can execute them without difficulty. […]

DANCE NIGHT: just can’t get enough

This once a month dance party business just got SERIOUS: last Saturday was February, BUT THIS SATURDAY IS MARCH!! We’ll feature fresh hitties and plenty of ecstatic energy to encourage SPRINGTIME. Join us!

DANCE NIGHT: shake it like a bowl of soup

SATURDAY: dance party at slainte from 9pm-1am with me and DEEJAY TREMENDOUS CREAM. Positive vibrations – NEVER A COVER.

DANCE NIGHT: veeday deejay

On February 14 – that’s just fourteen days from today – I encourage you to join me, deejay Tremendous Cream, and deejay Nan’l for a bumpin’ dance party. Grace Symmetrical will be treating your eyeballs with her magic video work. We’ll all be at Flask from 9pm to 1am with lots of dirty beats. The […]

DANCE NIGHT: shake it like a bowl of soup

This Saturday come join me and deejay Tremendous Cream at Slainte from 9:00pm-1:00am for some epic dancing. We play soul, pop, garage … aka ALL THE GOOD STUFF.

DANCE JAM: the gal from joe’s

Oh Nina Simone. Your voice melts my insides. Here’s one way to dance to the high priestess of soul: Here’s another: Wanna dance to Nina Simone? Come to DANCE NIGHT on January 26th.

DANCE JAM: azealia banks

There are some things that make me twitch involuntarily. Azealia Banks, I’m looking at you. Since 2011, 212  – with its oh-so titillating lyrics and cute fly boys – has been in heavy rotation on my dance playlist. By which I mean, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for over a year. Kevin Maher […]