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DANCE JAM: kate bush

I should admit that when I was younger Hounds of Love and The Kick Inside were just two of the “weird” records my dad would blast inappropriately early on Sunday mornings (i.e. IRRITATING).  But to me Kate Bush looked liked Francesca Lia Block and considering my love for Weetzie Bat (and all things Brontë) – I […]

VIDEO: boys + sports

I love this video for two reasons: 1. The way that “sport” so seamlessly elides into dance 2. THE BOYS Thanks to the illustrious Annie for sharing.

DANCE JAM: angel hazzzzze

The Missy Elliot beat  is undeniably danceable. Angel Haze complicates this beat – and thus you must step up your moves. Exhibit A: All I have to say is, TWERK IT GIRLS.

GIF: centerstage

I couldn’t pass up this incredible compilation by Leonora Epstein (holler! Smith alum!) – 26 Steps to Becoming an Amazing Dancer as told by “Center Stage”

BACK: nominate it

Um – so February 13th came and went and well… I was still in vacation mode. UNTIL my sister told me this blog was nominated for a BEST OF PORTLAND award. SO VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! And the dance action will be back, um… tomorrow.

VIDEO: ladies love

OKAY THIS IS A BIG DEAL GUYS. What you’re about to see if footage of LL Cool J from 1985. Five months before his debut album Radio dropped. LL Cool J was 17 years old. But the most amazing part? IT IS FROM A SHOW IN WATERVILLE. Did your mind just explode? Because mine did. […]

DANCE NIGHT: shake it like a bowl of soup

This Saturday come join me and deejay Tremendous Cream at Slainte from 9:00pm-1:00am for some epic dancing. We play soul, pop, garage … aka ALL THE GOOD STUFF.

HISTORY: for teenagers only

The Dave Astor Show: For Teenagers Only was broadcast on Saturday nights from 1956 to 1971 and featured local teenagers dancing and singing along to the popular music of the day. It first broadcast on WGAN (now WGME) and moved to WCSH by 1963. The Dave Astor Show: For Teenagers Only began when WGME executives […]

DANCE JAM: the gal from joe’s

Oh Nina Simone. Your voice melts my insides. Here’s one way to dance to the high priestess of soul: Here’s another: Wanna dance to Nina Simone? Come to DANCE NIGHT on January 26th.

DANCE JAM: azealia banks

There are some things that make me twitch involuntarily. Azealia Banks, I’m looking at you. Since 2011, 212  – with its oh-so titillating lyrics and cute fly boys – has been in heavy rotation on my dance playlist. By which I mean, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for over a year. Kevin Maher […]