DANCE NIGHT: better than zumba


1. a canary torsi‘s project THE PEOPLE TO COME at SPACE Gallery last Saturday was out-of-control incredible/most engaging performance I’ve seen in a long while. Check out pictures at SPACE’s Flickr and the interactive website to explore all the responses submitted during the performance and First Friday. SERIOUSLY THIS PROJECT IS SO GREAT – be at their NYC performances June 25-29th.

2. Spellbound Dance Company brought some totally euro-aesthetic to Westbrook Performing Arts Center on Tuesday night. While only slightly monotonous –  my main take away was the intriguing pacing and physicality of the movement. The dancers/choreography/performance were so clearly not American and there is something extremely refreshing about seeing European contemporary dance.

3. Me and DEEJAY TREMENDOUS CREAM (who may be regretting his name choice and/or asking me to market it) whopped it up at the Phoenix Best Of party Thursday night. While this blog didn’t win – we did get an epic shout out in the Editor’s Pick (thanks Deirdre!)

But that’s all in the past – what’s upcoming?! DANCE NIGHT @ SLAINTE! See you tomorrow on the floor.



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